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What can you expect when you come to You Matter Spa?

At You Matter, we take great pride in our work & have the highest regard for our clients & their experience. It is our intended purpose to satisfy all of our clients beyond their expectations. We will always treat our clients & community with care & respect. Our facility will always be clean & sanitized. Expect that your therapist will be proficient, professional & that you will enjoy all of your time spent in You Matter Spa & Wellness Center. 

Make this your Place of Retreat amidst the City!

  • Sharla Thomas

    Founder & Therapist

    Since graduating from Heritage Institute of Falls Church, VA, I have been fortunate to practice in various massage environments. From chiropractic health clubs and day spas to salons, I have developed the skill of learning how to assess problems incurred by people of certain work conditions. I have also worked with the athletically motivated and those with postural deviations, customizing treatments to each individual client’s needs.
    My  signature Deep Heat Application Treatment helps spread muscle tissue through Myofascial Release techniques. This aids in achieving a most effective result, while also using a plethora of integrated massage modalities attaining the ability to bring forth a state of relaxation and return the client to a more anatomically correct posture. The result is alleviated stressed areas and a healthier state of muscle tone.

    My last certification, Prenatal Massage, has given me a very detailed knowledge of the physiological changes an expectant mother experiences & how to best treat her.

    I am elated that you've chosen You Matter Spa & Wellness Center! We are excited to help you in your journey to optimal health and wellness.

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  • Keandra Collier

    Massage Therapist

    Hello, my name is Keandra and I am a licensed Massage Therapist. Massage is my passion and my ministry. I enjoy being part of someone's healing journey, and I am honored to be of service to my community. My goal is to relieve pain, release tension, and provide an overall relaxing experience. 

  • Jasmine Clinton


    Jasmine Clinton comes with all the newest methods in waxing & skincare. She specializes in brightening skin facials that restore vitality & promote cell turnover.

  • Zuleika Bovell


    Hi! My name is Zuleika. I am passionate about skincare and waxing. I specialize in Brazilian waxing and am great with first timers! I’m from PG county, MD. I graduated from the Aveda Institute in DC, in 2019. I have been licensed and working in esthetics ever since. I’ve always been curious about skin, due to having my own skin issues growing up. I started making my own products when I was young, and when they actually worked, I wanted to learn more. I enjoy teaching people how to take care of their skin, making them feel good about themselves, and giving them their confidence back.

  • Maraki Nyirenda


    My name is Maraki and I have been an esthetician for 5+ years. I am originally Ethiopian and Zambian and was born in California but grew up in different countries in Africa including Togo, Ethiopia, Guinea Conakry and Zambia. I moved back to California in 2014 to go to business school and halfway into my degree, I discovered the world of facials when I got my first ever facial. I was probably my estheticians most annoying client because I asked her so many questions, as I was fascinated by the whole experience. I began my esthetics journey because I struggled with acne prone skin and I wanted to know how to take better care of my skin and help others do the same. I am passionate about skin care and how it provides an opportunity for us to unwind from our busy lifestyles. I believe this is crucial for our self care as individuals. My approach is both holistic & results driven. I would love to offer you the opportunity to experience how beneficial a facial can be.

  • Miriah Auth

    Yoga Instructor

    Hi! I’m Empress Rahel a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Doula, Holistic lifestyle advocate, and Certified Yogi.
    I started this initiative towards a healthy lifestyle to save my life and soon found a passion in sharing my knowledge to others. The goal is simple: to help my people learn what a healthier lifestyle can be through movement and food education. Let’s walk this journey together!

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